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Scoble’s Day of Meetings

Lunch with Dave Davison, retired VC’er. Meeting with editorial crew. Meeting with Paul (Maryam’s boss).

Explaining RSS to Your Mother? Let Oprah Help!

Steve Rubel points to a cute explanation of RSS feeds.

The Fattest RSS Feeds

One thing I really like about an offline feed reader is that you don’t need to read feeds all the time. Just store them up like a squirrel stores nuts.

Facebook face users ire over RSS feeds

Facebook Tuesday added an RSS “news” feed that informs members of differences in their friends’ pages, like new photos added to their pages or groups joined.

Ask Feeds You Hurricanes

Ask.com has provided some updates to its Smart Answer service, making some additions to deliver information about hurricanes and tropical storms to users of the search engine.

Facebook Revolution! Users Harness Their Che

The Colonials had their Tea Party; the Boomers had Nam; Generation X, everything we could think of as long as we didn’t miss Seinfeld; Generation Why, because Facebook sent a news feed to spy on them.

The Input Side of RSS Feeds
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The ongoing buzz about RSS feeds seems to still be almost matched by ongoing confusion. After a couple years of working with both sides of the RSS equation, site feeds and RSS feed display, I’ve come to think of the differences in a fairly simple way that may get rid of some of the confusion.

It’s Time To Add Video To Your Content Strategy

The adoption of online video reflects several trends. Keep your eyes on the rapid growth of online video, says the Sun-Sentinel.

Convert RSS Feeds to Dynamic HTML Web Pages

Many webmasters have realized the benefit of using RSS to dynamically update websites. This means that the website content automatically changes when the RSS feed is updated.

RSS Feed Tips to Help SEO
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RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic.

PRWeb Sub-Domain Mapping for RSS Feeds
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PRWeb announced today that they are now offering a service that will allow their press release distribution clients the ability to map the company domain name to the RSS feed of the release hosted by PRWeb.

Content Strategy Affects Your Reputation Online

Do they trust your emails and articles? Media Post’s Email Insider newsletter has an excellent article today on how your content strategy can affect your sender reputation.

Attensa Heats Up Its RSS Appliance

RSS technology continues to move forward in the enterprise world, and if Attensa has its way their Feed Server technology will provide the guiding hand toward greater RSS utility and usage.

Kids and Mobile Marketing

PSP-toting kids can receive RSS feeds. Mobile phone cameras can narrowcast video straight to TV.

Ask For A Smart RSS Answer
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Ask.com now displays RSS Smart Answers for web searches on the names of popular blogs or news sources; the three latest posts from a site’s RSS feed will appear atop the Ask search results.

Enterprise RSS Feeds: A Viable Messaging Medium

The rapid growth of content syndication and social media requires a new marketing and PR approach.

SEO : Optimize for the bottom line

SEO is not a guessing game – metrics tell all.

New Media’s Role in B2B Marketing

New media plays a key role in BtoB marketing now. I often get asked how new media features in the BtoB space.

Customers Are Demanding RSS

Broadband users are 3x more likely to use RSS feeds.

When the Electric Company Gets RSS

I had to put a call into my local power company – the Long Island Power Authority – today to take care of a customer service issue.

Tips for Promoting RSS Feeds

There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic.