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How Might Google Be Ranking Your Blog?
Bill Slawski found a new patent on ranking blog documents that should be of interest to anyone with a blog. As you would expect Bill has given his usual overview of the patent, explaining things and making simple for the rest of us.

Fixing Duplicate Content Issues

Not all webmasters are aware that search engines view each URL as a different page, even it has the same content or is different from the other URL by ending with a slash or if it preceeded by a www or not. To serve only one version of the page to get the deserved traffic, you’ll need to remember a couple of things about fixing URL issues.

No More Search Results In Google SERPs?
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Google employees are hinting (strongly) that the search engine is being more discriminatory about website search results appearing in Google’s search results. That cross-mojonation, if you will, isn’t what searchers want.

And while that seems simple on the surface – a search result leading to another search result in a vicious cycle is pretty frustrating for most users – it leaves a lot to think about from the webmaster side.

Is There an Optimal Blog Post Length?

Graywolf raised an interesting question in regards to the length of blog posts. Is there an optimal post length? Will shorter posts help to retain readers and even lead to more links?

From Blogging in a Sound Bite World:

Use Feedburner Without Giving Them Your Subscribers

Do you worry about the danger of giving a 3rd party service control over the most important part of your blogging business – your subscribers?

Using Feeds And Subscriber Data From Google

The Google Webmaster Central blog has a post "Tips on using feeds and information on subscriber counts in Reader." The post talks not just about the blog feeds, it talks about many sites, which have frequently updated content, resorting to feeds. If you have a feedreader for your site, you can get the number of Google Reader and Google Personalized Homepage subscribers.

Companies and Marketing 2.0

Just saw on Twitter that Emily Chang had posted about RSS feeds for archiving your own personal history.

Full or Partial Feeds

Since the day I began posting on my blog I’ve always published partial feeds of my content. I’ll be honest in that I don’t remember why I made the decision originally, though I suspect it had something to do with not wanting all my content scraped and republished. Until an hour ago I had always thought the partial feed decision was the best way to go. Then I read a single post and did a little research and I now think I may have been wrong all this time.

Pheedo Takes RSS Feeds to Ads

Pheedo’s new FeedPowered advertising platform offers to take any RSS feed and turn it into a dynamically updated ad unit (see their site for live examples). Where can you run the ads?

You can run your FeedPowered ad on targeted sites across Pheedo’s network of publishers. Alternatively, you can distribute FeedPowered advertising into just about any ad network or via your preferred ad server.

Optimizing Your Blog for Syndication, Meme Trackers

With the growing adoption of RSS readers, Meme Trackers and content being syndicated on 3rd party sites, how your content is ultimately presented becomes increasingly important.

Consuming RSS Feeds With ColdFusion
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ColdFusion doesn’t seem to get the respect it deserves amongst the dedicated Java or .NET or even PHP development circles, but having worked in all of those environments, I’d like to state for the record, that completing a large scale development project AHEAD of schedule, keeping your Business Managers and Projects Managers happy, and let’s not forget the most important of all…

Full Text Feeds Pay off

I love Amit Agarwal’s analysis on the full-text vs. partial text debate. I HATE partial text feeds.

Feeds and Other Optimization Opportunities

First up is

Pubcon 06 – Feeds, Blogs, News, and More

I was very torn between attending this session and Big SEO, but I got a bit of both. Here’s the official session description:

Debate: Full Or Partial Feeds?

One topic of debate that has gained attention in the blogging community is the choice between using full or partial RSS feeds.

Creating an RSS 2.0 Feed

If you can learn HTML, you can easily learn how to build your own RSS 2.0 feeds. I’ll take you through the steps to creating an RSS feed from scratch.

E-Commerce Integration Into Amazon
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Not Exactly Like Placing It Into Your Shopping Cart…

Googles Online Feed Reader Application

Nothing is more frustrating than being inundated with information from the blogging community when you are clueless as how to manage all these content especially the ones you are interested in.

Internet Marketing Spend

It’s not slowing down, it’s just diversifying.

RSS feeds – Adding a Feed to a Website Using PHP
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Adding an rss feed to your website is not as difficult as most people believe.

How to Categorize Your Content for Feeds

Now that you have an RSS strategy, let’s take a look at what content you might like to syndicate.

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