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Colorado Legalizes Marijuana
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Colorado has long been known for its mountains, amazing snow-skiing, and stunning scenery. Now, it’s famous for something very different. And its not exactly something to put on their license plate…not just yet anyway. To all the “stoners” out there, …

Unemployment Benefits Expire For 1.3 Million
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This weekend, millions of Americans are suddenly going to stop receiving their unemployment benefits. The extended federal benefits plan expires this Saturday, the 28th, forcing 1.3 million to go without a source of income. These long-term federal benefits were created …

How to Be a Dad – Government Knows Best?

For those of you that enjoyed your Father’s day weekend, the federal government wants to remind you that being a father isn’t all presents and cookouts. The job is far from over, and the government wants to help you out …

Medicare: More Patients Being Kept for Observation
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Medicare patients are being kept for observation at hospitals more often than they’re being admitted, thanks to pressure from the federal government. According to a recent study, the number of individuals who have been kept for observation has risen dramatically …

Anonymous: MegaUpload Take Down Could Be Trap Anonymous: MegaUpload Take Down Could Be Trap
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Did Anonymous play into the government’s hands? That’s the suggestion of Molly Wood at CNET who claims that the government planned the MegaUpload take down to happen right after the SOPA/PIPA protests on Wednesday. She claims that her sources told …

Government Information Still Not Free

The Freedom of Information Act imposed requirements on federal agencies to make more information publicly available, without requiring people to jump through hoops via FOIA requests to get it.