Cincinnati Bus Crash Leads to Federal Investigation

Cincinnati Bus Crash Leads to Federal Investigation

By Meaghan Ellis September 16, 2013

Federal officials have stepped in to do a thorough investigation on the Greyhound bus that veered off Interstate 75, flipping over into an Ohio cornfield over the weekend. WDTN-Dayton, Ohio reported that an extensive investigation will be conducted by the …

Seven Reasons Why Your Website Exploded

Several common website errors may give webmasters fits, not to mention site visitors when seeing them appear online.

Patent Suit Hits Google, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo

Performance Pricing alleges in a federal lawsuit that the four Internet players they have sued infringe on a patent the company holds, in relation to paid search advertising.

Google Looks Closely At Australian Elections

Sick of American politics?  Well, this may not make you feel any better, but Google’s got a brand new website offering a detailed view of the Australian equivalent.

Hulu Already Living Up To Its Name

Only one week has passed since NBC / News Corp announced the name of their online video project – Hulu.
And it was TechCrunch that made us all laugh when they ironically translated Hulu into Swahili – meaning, among other things, “cease” and “desist”.

It’s Official: Blogs Are Media

Forget waiting for some federal shield law to be passed: the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has determined in two separate rulings yesterday, that blogs are, in fact, media, as reported by TechCrunch.

ValueClick Announces CAN-SPAM Investigation

It doesn’t look like lead-generation company ValueClick is going to the acquisition-ball anytime soon.

Senate Pushes Web Pharmacy Regulations

There’s most likely a balance between no regulation and too much regulation, and the current Democratic Congress is walking that line. No one would doubt the potential harm caused by "rogue" Web-dealers, but Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) tightening grip on Internet service providers should at least cause one to step back a bit to look at it.

Federal Web Sites See Decline

The public satisfaction with federal government Web sites dropped from last quarters all time high and stayed relatively unchanged over the last seven quarters. The first quarter 2007 special report on E-Government Satisfaction from the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that customer satisfaction with federal Web sites declined 0.7 percent from last quarter to an overall score of 73.4.

Even with the drop in satisfaction, e-government faired better than the federal government, which had a score of 72.3 on the ACSI.

Government Agencies Ban Windows Vista
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In the past, large organizations have been reluctant to switch over to a new Microsoft operating system due to factors of cost, new training, and the possibility unknown bugs still lurking about in the software. In this case, however, reluctance has given way to outright refusal.

FAA Ponders Switch to Linux, Premier Apps

Growing consumer disappointment with Windows Vista, coupled with the need of major businesses and government agencies to begin assessing long-term computing needs, seems to be forcing IT professionals to consider non-Microsoft alternatives for their operating system and office suite applications.

Google Makes Sales Call To Federal Government

When you consider that Google’s net income in 2006 was well over $3 billion, it becomes apparent that individual customers don’t matter much to the company’s overall business. Google may be trying to change that, however: yesterday and today, it’s holding a special sales meeting with “nearly 200 federal contractors, engineers and uniformed military members.”

Government Tracking Electronic Communications

A press release from FaceTime Communications stopped me cold today.

Don’t Get Scrooged This Holiday Season

If you despise cold weather, crowded shopping malls and parking lots, or if you simply want to shop in your underwear, doing your holiday shopping online will be your savior. That is, if you know how to shop online without being scrooged.

Google Germany Reunification Doodle

Google Germany is running a Doodle in honor of the 16th anniversary of the day East and West Germany became one.

A Search Engine For Tracking Federal Spending

AP is reporting growing support for the creation of a Google-like search engine for tracking federal goverment spending.

The Market for Executives

Despite increased demand for high-caliber leadership in all segments of the technology community, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we saw the migration of top information technology executives between the federal and corporate sectors.