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Leap Year 2012: Famous & Infamous February 29th Birthdays

You think your birthday is special? Pshh, think again. Your day has nothing on today (February 29th), as it only happens once every four years, which is more commonly known as a Leap Day, which takes place during a Leap Year (Read more on that here). To put that in perspective for you rapper Ja Rule, born today, is only …

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Leap Year 2012: US Prepares for Leap Day (February 29th)

Today is a strange day, as it’s February 29th – a Leap Day. A day which only happens once every four years. Why you ask? Well during a Leap Year a Leap Day is added, this is to keep our calendars in order. To look into the shenanigans of a Leap Year, let’s break it down a bit more. Where …

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