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FC Bayern Munich Falls To Real Madrid CF In Semifinal Match

FC Bayern Munich cannot exactly say that they put up a brave fight when they lost Tuesday to Real Madrid CF. In fact, quarter-finalists Dortmund would serve as a better example of a Bundesliga team that truly fought to get to the next stage. Both teams fell to Real Madrid, but Bayern’s performance was decidedly anemic for defending champions. Perhaps …

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FC Bayern Munich Held To Draw At Old Trafford

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong regarding my previous prediction of Manchester United FC’s chances at Old Trafford against German champions FC Bayern Munich. They were not utterly devastated as I and many others expected. Instead, Manchester United defiantly held Bayern Munich to a 1-1 draw. The first half was scoreless despite Bayern’s dominance. United was …

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FC Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United: Predictions

Tomorrow marks the first leg of the clash of Champions League clubs FC Bayern Munich and Manchester United FC. It is also April Fool’s Day. The way Manchester United’s season has gone so far, for many onlookers the jokes practically write themselves. And yet some say it is simply unwise to downplay the chances of the former Barclay’s Premier League …

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