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Father Arrested At School Board Meeting

Since 2007, Jodi Picoult’s best-selling novel Nineteen Minutes has been taught as part of the curriculum at Gilford High School in New Hampshire. The book touches on the subject of high school bullying and includes a school shooting. However, that …

Prison for Starving Girl: Parents Sentenced to Five Years
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A father was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for starving his 15-year-old daughter. The 42-year-old Wisconsin-native denied his daughter food until she weighed only 68 pounds. She was instead required to consume her on feces and drink her …

NYC Triple Homicide: Queens Father Arrested in TX
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The man who is suspected of the brutal killing of his wife and two daughters was caught in Texas on Monday. The 28-year-old Queens father, Miguel Mejia-Ramos was found in a white van with NY plates when a team that …