Microsoft, The Fast Buy, And Big Brother

Microsoft, The Fast Buy, And Big Brother

By WebProNews Staff January 16, 2008 | 1 Comment

Everyone thinks Microsoft’s purchase of Fast Search & Transfer is about enterprise search. We thought there could be more to the deal. Here’s a stream of consciousness for you to consider.

UK Internet Users Want Fast Film Downloads

Internet users in the UK say that being able to download DVD-quality films fast is the service they most want from next-generation broadband, according to a survey from Broadbandchoices.co.uk.

Adobe CEO Bails Out Fast

Bruce Chizen abruptly became the ex-CEO of Adobe, with current president and COO Shantanu Narayen named to replace him at the beginning of December.

BlogWorld Expo – Blogging Ethics

Amy Gahran ran her panel at the Blog World Expo on Ethics – with a cool group of people, including friends Lynne Johnson of Fast Company and Toby Bloomberg.

Understanding “Allinanchor” to Improve Google Ranking

Google has several "search operators" that provide important insights into improving search engine rankings. One of the most important commands is "Allinanchor" as it heavily influences Google’s ranking algorithm – by providing relevance to inbound links.

A Car In Every Garage, Fast Internet On Every PC

It’s a slow, but moving boulder. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) called on the Bush administration to make a commitment to making high-speed Internet access more widely available to small businesses and all Americans.

Hong Kong’s Broadband Is How Fast?

In case you’re still convinced there’s a true open market in broadband space and the handful of companies running it are sufficient competition for each other, consider this: in Hong Kong, you can get a fiber-to-the-home connection 20 times faster than Verizon’s FiOS connection for about the same price.

Fast To Get Rid Of 148 Workers

When times are tough, a person’s got to save money; some people sell their stuff, others crash on friends’ couches.  Fast Search & Transfer plans to fire 148 employees, or about 20 percent of the company’s workforce.

Fast Times At Google Search Results

Depending on which index you’re trying to hit, your content could show up in Google’s search results in under two minutes. That appears to be limited to blogs, but the big one’s logging times faster than Domino’s Pizza.

Plaxo’s Pulse To Get Going On Monday
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Plaxo is launching a new social network, dubbed “Pulse,” and it should offer a number of interesting features; indeed, a couple of them will address flaws in Facebook’s setup.  Yet despite this – and the preliminary support of several notable figures – many onlookers doubt that Pulse can do well.

Fast Search Acquires AgentArts

Fast Search & Transfer has worked with AOL, Dell, and Vodafone, and calls itself “the leading global provider of search technologies.”  And now Fast Search & Transfer has acquired AgentArts, which is a self-described “leading provider of recommendation and personalization solutions for music, video, games and mobile entertainment.”

Online Shoppers Unmoved By Fast Retail
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Retail stores promote ordering items on their Web sites and then offer consumers the option of quickly being able to pick the item up.

Online Video News Growing Fast

ClipBlast has announced that news related video is the fastest growing video category on the Internet today. They found that video news now accounts for 32 percent of all the video in their indexes, up form 15 percent in January.

driverTV.com: Only For The Fast

If you don’t have a fast Internet connection, stop reading.  This doesn’t apply to you.  Everyone else, rejoice – driverTV.com, “the only automotive destination designed from the ground up for broadband subscribers” is here; as you might imagine, it’s rather good-looking.

Scoble Writing for Fast Company Magazine

I just learned that I’m a new columnist for Fast Company magazine where I’ll write a monthly piece, about 700 words. Still don’t know what the title will be, but we’re thinking “Naked Conversations.”

My first column will probably mirror my new speech I’m working on, titled “Living in a Google World.”

Live Video Streaming Comes Fast!
Wow, where did this come from? Over the past 24 hours I’ve watched live video streaming become the next hot topic on the web.

First, inspired by Justin.tv, Chris “I live on the lunatic fringe” Pirillo decided to start a live internet video stream of him at his computer. Bringing in Ustream.tv (the live video technology) Skype, Twitter, chat rooms and a whole host of other technology.

Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.