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Are Silent Farts Worse? AsapSCIENCE Takes on Science’s Greatest Question

We love AsapSCIENCE around here – it’s one of our favorite YouTube channels. Every week or so, the folks at AsapSCIENCE answer real scientific queries with the help of illustrations, presenting some of the most-enjoyable 2-3 minute videos around. This time, they’ve bested themselves. Behold, the greatest scientific question ever known to man – are silent farts worse? YES! Silent …

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White House April Fools’ Video Features Kid Making Fart Noises

Even the White House is getting in on the April Fools’ fun today. Here’s a “special message from the President” that shared via its YouTube channel this morning: The fart noises are a nice touch. The kid is Robbie Novak of “Kid President” fame.

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