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The Skyrim Rap Introduces Bragging Dovahkiin Man

You know you’ve reached an impressive pinnacle of popularity when folks are going all out to produce a rap video for the intellectual property in question. By “going all out,” I mean complete with costumes, full-on makeup, and a setting that looks it’s from a medieval era. The videos in question were made by a who’s who of gamer geeks …

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The Great Battle of Skyrim: When Video Games, Mods And YouTube Come Together

There’s no denying the absolute runaway popularity of Bethesda’s Skyrim. A quick Google search of “Game of the Year, 2011” reveals as much, but make no mistake, the popularity of the game is well-earned. What makes a great thing even better, however, is when fans offer their take on an already-great intellectual property, much like YouTube user Tyrannicon has provided …

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