Fall 2006 VON Articles

VON: Venture Capital And Leadership

Money. Startups need it, investors have it, and venture capital firms can bring them together. Though the prospect of composing a business plan and getting it in front of a VC might seem daunting, it could be well worth the effort.

VON: Andrew Baron Rockets In

Rocketboom’s stormy breakup with host Amanda Congdon captivated the blogosphere. Baron started over with a new host, Joanne Colan, and arrived at Fall 2006 VON to talk about his view of the nascent online video industry.

VON: Viewing TV From Afar

Time and place shifting have become more important to people when it comes to viewing television. Tivo and other technologies indicate how this demand has shifted power slightly from the broadcaster to the consumer.

VON: IM The State Of Presence

Instant messaging technology received a panel’s attention during pulvermedia’s Fall 2006 VON conference, as reps from the heavy Internet hitters discussed presence and its place at the core of IM with voice communications.

VON: Exploding Television

BuzzMachine blogger and media critic Jeff Jarvis brought his wit and style to the Fall 2006 VON conference in Boston. Tech news followers likely remember Jeff Jarvis from his beastly encounter with Dell customer service…

VON: Film, TV Incorporate The Net

“Snakes on a Plane” became the latest film to capitalize on the power of the Internet to build buzz, and it won’t be the last film to do so.

VON: Ted Leonsis Is Really Happy

AOL’s vice-chairman spoke at the Fall 2006 VON conference about the Internet and the future of video online. He thinks video is just beginning a strong move into being a prominent feature of online life.