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Blogpile On Scoble: He’s Leaving PodTech

After just a year and a half with PodTech.net, reports are surfacing that celebrity A-list blogger and author of Naked Conversations Robert Scoble is leaving the company next month. As a result, he’s really been taking his lumps from other A-listers.

Clicky Audiences: Valleywag vs FSJ

Valleywag yesterday begged its readers to click on a link to me so that it could beat Fake Steve Jobs for the title of “most clicky audience.”

So, I thought I’d post my referer log to show you who is sending the most hits. FSJ is still 7x more clicky. Too bad Nick Denton! :-)

Scoble’s “Fake Steve Jobs” Story

Here’s my Fake Steve Jobs story (Fake Steve Jobs is a blog that pretends it’s written by Apple CEO/co-founder Steve Jobs. It got popular this year and recently it was revealed that a Forbes Magazine employee is its author).

Last week I was getting an iced latte at the new Peets in Half Moon Bay. I was wearing a Blogger T-shirt. Old school. There a lady came up to me and asked “is that the Fake Steve Jobs T-shirt?”

Fake Steve Jobs: Have You Heard Of oPtion$?

The Secret Life of Steve Jobs endured the bitter challenge of the SEC probing Apple for impropriety, while negative energy spilled around the faux CEO. How’s a genius supposed to instill the world with a childlike sense of wonder under these conditions?

Death Of PodTech? That’s News To Scoble

When Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, wrote of the rumored imminent demise of video podcasting site PodTech, a few people picked up on the post as gospel. They missed something.

Fake Steve Outed As Forbes’ Daniel Lyons

Remember Daniel Lyons, the guy who lambasted the blogosphere in a notorious October 2005 hit piece for Forbes? He’s been revealed as the voice of the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

Who Is The Fake Steve Jobs?

The Web’s new favorite mystery has turned dark and a well-known columnist admits he’s not who you think he is. The big question: Who is the Fake Steve Jobs?

Fake Steve Jobs Hunt Takes Creepy Turn

It has elements of mystery, the tenets of paparazzi defense, and the feeling of a prank gone too far. In a blogosphere-wide attempt to unmask blogebrity – well, it may not be an exaggeration to call him/her a cyber cult leader – Fake Steve Jobs, digital espionage has turned a fun cat-and-mouse game into something Fake Steve calls "creepy."