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Facebook: We’re Getting Better at Axing Fake Likes

Fraudulent likes have always been a problem for Facebook. The company says that fraudulent activity only accounts for a tiny fraction of all the activity on Facebook – but it’s an issue nonetheless. Facebook’s been amping up its efforts to combat like farming for years, but it’s now touting that fact that it’s “breaking new ground” in the battle. According …

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Facebook Talks About Its Intolerance For Spam

Facebook revealed on Friday that it has obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, and talked extensively about how it won’t put up with fake likes and other spam on its network. The company says it’s honoring Cyber Security Awareness Month by discussing how it is fighting spam, and giving tips to users for “authentic interactions”. Facebook’s Matt …

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Losing Likes on Your Page? Don’t Worry, It’s Just Facebook Cleaning House

Facebook is cracking down on something they deem harmful to the integrity of their site, and your fans may be in danger. You may have experienced a small dip in the total likes on your Facebook page in the last couple of days and yes, it does mean that people are fleeing your page. Why have you suddenly become so …

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