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AdWatcher Seeking Advertisers For Fair Isaac
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The entry of Fair Isaac into the click fraud venue spurred a lot of debate with the arrival of their preliminary report. Fair Isaac will try expanding the data with the help of click fraud detection firm AdWatcher.

Google Responds To Fair Isaac Claims
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The early results of a click fraud study by Fair Isaac found advertisers being charged for illicit clicks, at a far higher rate than search engines like Google claim takes place.

Click Fraud Unbeatable Without Advertiser Data
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Joseph Milana, chief scientist at Fair Isaac, discussed the early results of his company’s click fraud study in an exclusive chat with WebProNews.

Fair Isaac Enters Click Fraud Debate

A study of click fraud by Fair Isaac found 10 to 15 percent of ad traffic is “pathological,” and is more of a problem than companies like Google and Yahoo want to admit.