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Fortune 500, Failure, And Blogging

When Doc Searls observed to Wired’s Chris Anderson that big companies may blog only because they’re on the way down, Anderson and a squad of interns explored the Fortune 500 to see if that may be true.

How to Avoid Failure in Your Small Business Advertising

Small business advertising shouldn’t be done like most of the advertising you see on T.V. or hear on the radio. There ARE exceptions, of course.

The Audible.com Debacle

Audible.com recently announced its new service Wordcast – essentially they are adding a propriety twist to podcasting that will enable publishers to …

Adwords Used to Explain Bush Google Bombing

WCBSTV.com reports that President Bush has again been Google Bombed. A simple trick that takes advantage of the way Google ranks web pages …

President Bush And The Google Sandbox

By now many of you have heard of the President Bush Google/link bombs that have gone off since our world changed in 2001.

FDA Approves Heart Failure Drug For Black Patients

The first medicine made for a particular race has been approved by the FDA. The drug is called BiDil, and it is a heart failure medicine made for black people.

New George W. Bush Linkbomb Revealed

Because of the value Google, Yahoo and other search engines place on backlinks, executing a linkbomb in order to position certain websites atop of the search results is not too difficult. Provided you have enough people taking part.

Tony Blair Victim Of Liar Link Bomb

Because search engines place a large amount of value on contextual links, executing a link bomb isn’t necessarily hard, you just have to have enough people involved to make a dent.

Ballmer European Meeting Ends In Failure

Microsoft’s chief executive officer and European Union antitrust chief can’t find common ground on compliance issues.

Axonyx Shares Suffer Due to Drug Failure

Axonyx shares went down after the company said a clinical trial of a drug failed to achieve its goals.

Corporate Blogging A Failure For Tower

According to the stillhq.com blogger … his company’s test of internal corporate blogging has been a failure so far.

SME Server Software Raid Failure, Grub 0x10 error

An SME customer called this morning saying that his system had apparently stopped working (web pages and mail were unavailable) and therefore he had rebooted.

Waiting Too Long to Upgrade

had related at Another Raid Failure that an initial attempt to rebuild the raid had failed, and left the story with fresh drives on order and winging their way toward us. The drives did arrive, but unfortunately the rebuild still failed. A Knowledge Base article suggested that there might be unreported problems on other elements of the array, with the suggested solution of blowing it all away and recreating from scratch. As we still had some suspicions about backups at that point, I didn’t want to do that until we had unquestioned good recovery capability.

Another RAID failure

There must be something in the air. I’ve had another RAID failure. This time, it was a hardware RAID, specifically a seven year old DPT controller (DPT was subsequently bought by Adaptec).

Have You Unintentionally Set Your Business Up for Failure?

No one sets out to fail! Most business owners read all the statistics (maybe more than once) before they open their doors. Many know the reasons why businesses fail. But some businesses operate under this paradigm: “failure can never happen to me because I know better.” Is that you?

Insight: Failure and Success In Online Business

Creativity and Determination are the KEY ingredients in all online success stories. So many times, as a moderator and participant in the net’s most active and lauded online marketing forum, The Internet Marketing Warriors, I have heard the same questions repeated by hopeful marketer after hopeful marketer. And mostly they begin with “How do I…?”

Anchor Text Tips That Rocket Your Rankings
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Google/Yahoo bombing is the practice of placing terms you want a given page to rank for in anchor text that links to that page. Huh? Ok, here’s an example: if I wanted this page to rank highly for the term “President of the Internet” I’d create a link like this: President of the Internet and have all my friends and friendly readers post that link and text on their sites.

The Failure of the SEO System

I see people daily preaching about how web site owners need to pay upwards of $7,500.00 or more for a marketing consultant who also practices search engine optimization. The reason given for this is that any SEO can get you top rankings, but that will not help you sell your products. They preach that searchers have no trust, they say that getting a #1 position for your relevant keywords will only bring visitors, not sales.

Hard Drive Crash? The Essential Data Recovery Report

Your worst nightmare just became a horrifying reality. You keep hearing that little voice in your head mockingly shout “you should have backed that stuff up” The voice keeps echoing throughout your head as you perform a quick inventory all of the important information that you just lost..your client database, a years worth of e-mail, your entire inventory database, even your family photos.

Employee Incentives Lead to CRM Failure?

Have you set up your customer accounting system? Never heard of customer accounting? Let me explain.

How My Friend Bob Went From Being A Failure To A Winner By Taking Intelligent Action!

Let me tell you story about a friend of mine who used to be a complete failure. His name was Bob. My friend Bob was the type of guy who always was looking for instant riches, but never could seem to find them.