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Google’s Not Checking Your Facts Just Yet

A recently released Google research paper has been drawing some attention throughout the search industry. It proposes a signal for ranking search results based upon “the correctness of factual information provides by the source,” rather than links. Do you think this would be a good direction for the algorithm to go in? Let us know in the comments. As we …

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1% of the World is Drunk Right Now and Other Awesome Facts [VIDEO]

Our favorite YouTube science animators AsapSCIENCE are back with another video of cool scientific facts, and this one contains some mind-blowers. Did you know that beer has all the minerals necessary to keep you alive, and that one single ejaculation contains 1,500TB of data? Or did you know that a Kangaroo has three vaginas? Check out the video below for …

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Super Bowl Facts: U.S. Census Bureau Breaks Down The Cities Involved

Super Bowl XLVI is less than a week away. The first Super Bowl to ever be played in the state of Indiana will feature the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. February 5th is certainly a big day for all three cities involved. The U.S. Census Bureau releases cool statistics around big events like the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, …

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