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Postville Explosion Latest In String Of Fires

Postville, Iowa saw rescue crews swarm in early this morning after an explosion rocked a laminate plant. As of now, it’s unknown what caused the explosion at Norplex-Micarta, though an investigation is ongoing. Three people were injured in the blast; one critically so, and had to be taken by helicopter to Iowa City, where there is a hospital with a …

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Disney Pulls Out Of “High Risk” Countries

Disney has given the order to cease production of their licensed items in what they call “high risk” countries; namely, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Venezuela, Belarus and Pakistan. Bangladesh is the first to go, with the latter four losing factories by next spring. The company’s decision comes at a time when horrific factory accidents are on the rise; last November a fire …

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Child Labor in India is Still a Major Problem

Child labor in India continues to be an alarming problem despite laws that forbid such practices. During a recent raid of three textile factories and a metal processing plant, authorities found dozens of underage children hard at work. Although police managed to round up 26 underage laborers, officials believe that many more may have fled the scene. In addition to …

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Chinese Working Conditions Give Apple a Rotten Spot

According to a recent article, Apple’s clean image has recently taken a hit after The New York Times reported about the conditions in which some of the factories of its Chinese network have been found. The employees building the iPad, iPhone and similar devices, labor in very harsh conditions. Reportedly the employees work extremely excessive overtime, they’re often required to …

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