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Truthfulness Over Perfection Valued In Marketing
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Alan Scott, Dow Jones & Co. SVP and chief marketing officer, said it’s a cool time to be a marketing guy, as consumer expectations of businesses have changed with the rise in blogs and social media.

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

Finally, Somebody Ranks Brand Monitoring Services
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If there was ever a research report I’d like to get my hands on, it’s this one from Forrester.

Search Engine Strategies 2005 San Jose

Why go to San Jose in August? A chance to learn about the latest and greatest ways to benefit from the potential offered by search engines, that’s why.

Factiva Knows

Time get out the tinfoil hat and pour yourself a cup of dandelion tea because Factiva knows everything else you’re doing online and they’re willing to sell that information. The newest tool in search for corporations could change a lot of things about the Internet.

Factiva Introducing Big Brother To Blogosphere

The company announced a new search engine tool designed to help corporations find what is being said about them in blogs and other media.

Factiva Added To Yahoo! Search Subscriptions

The Sunnyvale-based portal and search company has added another source to its subscription search product.