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Reports: Facebook May Soon Buy Atlas From Microsoft

Reports are coming out that Facebook and Microsoft are in talks for the former to buy the Atlas ad platform from Microsoft, which picked it up in its acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Sources of these stories appear to all be from outside of either company. Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider reports: Microsoft has been trying to sell Atlas for …

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Facebook Shows More Love To Developers

This week has been huge for developers on Facebook. The company has not only released the full version of the much anticipated SDK 3.0 for iOS, but they have also pushed subscriptions and mobile ads to developers. While not as big as the aforementioned updates, this week’s Operation Developer Love has a few goodies for developers. The first update this …

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Eduardo Saverin Talks Facebook With Veja

We’ve been covering Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and his plan to renounce his United States citizenship all throughout May. First, he was accused of trying to skirt taxes by renouncing his citizenship, but his representatives tried to explain that wasn’t the case. Next, Senator Charles Schumer of New York claimed Saverin was running a scheme and took legal action to …

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