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Morgan Stanley Praised for Facebook IPO by COO

Morgan Stanley Chairman and Chief Executive, James Gorman is defending the work they did on the Facebook IPO, claiming they played it 100% by the book and that also, he isn’t aware of any dissent regarding Facebook share prices or anything else, as far as the underwriters are concerned. In fact, last Friday, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg called …

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Who’s Holding All The Facebook Shares?

Interested in Facebook stock? You are not alone. Despite some technical difficulty and lower than expected trading on their IPO launch date, Facebook is still one the hottest stocks being traded on the Nasdaq today. As many could have guessed, Facebook’s IPO brings an interest in public trading that reaches far beyond your typical investor. In fact, small investors, or …

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Facebook IPO Will Earn Underwriters Some Big Cash

Yes it’s finally here. In less than one half hour Facebook will begin trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange in what is probably one of the most well publicized IPOs in history. Despite early warnings that Facebook is already overvalued and that big advertising isn’t performing as well as hoped on the social networking platform, investors are hungry for Facebook …

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