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Morgan Stanley to Adjust Facebook Prices for Retail Customers

Good news for early Facebook IPO investors who may have been a victim of Nasdaq’s computer communication glitch, Morgan Stanley is reviewing all of the trades that went through on that day. As you remember, trading was delayed by a half hour Friday morning as big bank trading desks attempted to verify who bought what and at what price. The …

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Facebook Daily Trading Ends At $34.03 Per Share

Facebook ended their first day of trading without underwriters propping them up and stock prices closed at nearly 11% below their targeted $38 per share price. Prices have been fluctuating all day, but the general trend suggests a $30 to $34 price range might have better suited the IPO. As we reported earlier, Friday’s trading was plagued by poor sales …

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Facebook Didn’t Have The Showing Some Expected

It’s here and trading. The Facebook IPO is away! The market opened trading the stock at just over $42 per share, which is modest at about 10% more than the suggested $38 per shares negotiated price. While many expected the per share price to skyrocket to over $70 during todays trading, it actually settled back to that $38 price rather …

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