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Facebook ‘Powerball’ Scam Screws Woman out of $10K

Neither Facebook nor its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are ever going to give you money, unless you’re a charity – then you might get a fat donation from Zuck. But for average, everyday people on Facebook, anyone claiming to have money for you is lying. Most of us would reply duh to that – but some of the oldest scams in …

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Facebook Scam Results in Just the Saddest Story

Normally, if someone told me that they’d been conned out of thousands of dollars by Nigerian hucksters on Facebook, I’d probably tell them that they’d just given me the single most depressing example of human stupidity imaginable. Sure, I’d be adding insult to injury, but they’re really, really, dumb so it’s ok. But this story about a 67-year-old woman who …

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