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Facebook Friendship Ties Suspects in Murder Case

Here’s a pro tip for all the criminals out there: the police can see who your friends are on Facebook. So if you tell them you don’t know someone when you do, you’re gonna have a bad time. A 18-year-old Indianapolis woman has been linked to a murder after police caught her in a lie, and all they had to …

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Facebook Is Making It Hard For Us To Move On

Breakups are always a hard pill to swallow. You were intimate with a person for a number of months, maybe even years, and it all falls apart. Most people would normally just move on with their lives and forget about the relationship. Unfortunately, Facebook is making that very hard to do. New research has found that Facebook, and probably social …

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Facebook Moms Outdo Their Kids [Infographic]

According to this next infographic from OnlineSchools.Com, moms are spending more time on social networks than anyone else. In fact, they have 40 more Facebook friends than their kids do (on average). It’s not just Facebook either. Moms are covering all the bases including Twitter, Pinterest, various blogs, and Google+. Moms spend an average of 24 hours online every week. …

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