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Twitter’s Answer to Facebook Connect
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Twitter recently released a product called "Sign in with Twitter," which is bascially the social network’s answer to Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, etc.

Sign in with Twitter is based on OAuth and lets users sign in to third-party sites using their Twitter accounts, much like Facebook Connect does with your Facebook account. Presumably you can now Tweet a link to an article without leaving the article page if it’s on a site that has sign in with Twitter enabled.

Netflix Looks to Facebook Connect to Engage Users

Netflix announced today that it is integrating with Facebook Connect. Users now have the option to post movies they’ve rated in their Facebook profiles.

"Movies make for great conversations," says Netflix vice president of product management Gibson Biddle. "By integrating with Facebook Connect, Netflix members can now share their movie-watching experiences even more easily than before, allowing for greater exchange of movie recommendations with their friends."

Facebook Connects Users with iPhone Apps
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Facebook Connect on the iPhoneOver the weekend, Facebook launched Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod Touch at SXSW. Developers area already taking advantage of Facebook Platform APIs to add social features to many iPhone applications.

More to Real-Time Search Than Twitter
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Google’s Seattle site director Brian Bershad told TechFlash.com, "There’s relatively little data in Twitter," Bershad said. "I think if you could take a Twitter-like service and combine it with a lot of other data sources about the users, you might be able to come up with something more interesting."

What Will Data Portability Mean to Marketing?
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Social media has changed and continues to change the way we communicate both professionally and casually. We talk and share things with our friends and family, and we market our businesses through networking with others and conversing with other professionals.

Working Toward Activity Stream Standards
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In San Francisco last night, Six Apart (who recently launched data portability initiative Motion) hosted a roundtable to discuss the future of activity stream standards. In attendance were people from Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Nokia, Plaxo, Comcast, and others.

Facebook Really Wants You to Stick Around
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Facebook has found another way to make sure you stay connected with the social network from other sites besides Facebook Connect. They have now launched a feature that keeps you at Facebook, while also navigating other sites you got to from Facebook.

When one of your friends posts a link, you can go to it while a Facebook navigation bar will show up on the top of your screen, allowing you to comment while you’re at the third-party site.

You Don’t Need Facebook Connect or Google Friend Connect to Socialize
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Google and Facebook have both released new social features for third-party sites recently in Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect respectively. These are not the only kids of their kind on the block, however, as I am reminded by Gigya, the company behind a platform called Socialize.

While Socialize has actually been around since September, its relevancy seems pretty significant now with the launches of the services mentioned above.

MySpace’s Answer to Facebook Connect

MySpace has launched its answer to Facebook Connect with the MySpace Open Platform. This is the broader suite of products that includes the MySpace Application Platform, ‘MySpaceID’ (formerly Data Availability) and Post-To MySpace.

Worm Rains on Facebook’s Parade
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Just as Facebook unleashes its Facebook Connect program that ties the site in with any other site who wants to be involved, some virus has to come along and rain on the parade. The Koobface virus, which has in actuality been around for the majority of the year, is not directly related to Facebook Connect, but casts a shadow of vulnerability on Facebook in general.

What to Look For

Here’s How Facebook Connect Works
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Facebook has just announced the general availability of Facebook Connect, its new service that allows users to login to other sites using their Facebook IDs and share there activities from these third-party sites with their Facebook friends.

The service, "makes it easier for Facebook’s 130 million users to tap into the social graph by extending their Facebook experience to any participating Website, desktop application or mobile device," a Facebook representative tells WebProNews.

What Does Everyone Think About Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect was announced back in May and has just recently begun to see the light of day. Since the announcement, the obligatory privacy concerns have been raised, but Facebook hoping to nip that in the bud has made it very clear that users can choose whether or not they wish to share information, a feature that was also available with the resurfacing of Beacon a while back.

Facebook Trying To Acquire Twitter Is Setup For Failure

Kara Swisher has written a tremendous post on Facebook’s quiet attempt at acquiring Twitter. It inspired me to share my thoughts on the subject.

Open IDs Get Support From Google

I’ll admit it. I’ve put off purposefully joining Open ID for no real reason. But now, whether we want to or not, you and I (well, I’m guessing you are, anyway) are being jumped in to the world of Open ID. Because not only are Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail (aka Hotmail) joining the Open ID ranks, allowing their logins to become Open ID logins, but so is Gmail.

Facebook’s New Profile Design

Come on, you know you have those Facebook friends whose profile pages look like their MySpace exploded: their profile takes forever to load, their page is six “page downs” long (well, longer, but you’ve never actually made it to the bottom) and they never met an app they didn’t like. Well, Facebook is trying to do something about that.

Facebook Connect Announced

Yesterday MySpace announced that you can use your MySpace profile on other sites. Not to be outdone, today Facebook announced their version. It’s called Facebook Connect and it’s a good sign that data portability is catching on. Especially because Facebook usually doesn’t follow suit when it comes to sharing data (unless it’s for advertising).

Facebook Has Connections
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On the heels of MySpace’s Data Portability announcement, Facebook has unveiled Facebook Connect, which the social networking site is calling "the next iteration of Facebook Platform that allows users to ‘connect’ their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site."

Launches portable profiles