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Facebook App Economy [Infographic] Facebook App Economy [Infographic]

Yes, Facebook may be a great place to socialize and reconnect with old friends, but they’ve also sent over 160 million users to mobile apps in the month of February alone. In May, those numbers began to increase as they …

Facebook Testing New “Penguin FB” Twitter App?
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Recently Facebook engineer Blake Ross tweeted a test message from a mysterious Twitter app called "Penguin FB" which resides on Facebook’s development servers. Now the question is, what exactly is Penguin FB?

Do you think Twitter is building an official Twitter app? Tell us what you think.

Google Reader Plus Facebook Application = Digg Killer?

Mario Romero has built something very interesting that’s getting more interesting all the time.

If I weren’t on Facebook and didn’t have his Google Reader application plugged into Facebook I would totally have missed it.