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Nelson Mandela Assassination Plotters Sentenced to 35 Years

A South African court convicted five ring-wing extremist leaders of treason for plotting to assassinate former South African President Nelson Mandela. In a trial that lasted 10 years, ¬†ringleader, Mike du Toit and four other men were sentenced to 35 years in prison by a Pretoria High Court. The men were members of a group called ‘Boeremag‘ — a gang …

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Islamists Continue Worldwide Offensive

As the news spread of coordinated U.S. Navy SEAL strikes against Islamist leaders on either side of the African mainland, Islamists elsewhere were launching attacks of their own. Iraq was rocked by a series of suicide bombings this weekend, Reuters reports. One bombing involved a truck loaded with explosives that was driven into a primary school playground in the northern …

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