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Colorado Tornadoes Caused by Supercell Thunderstorm

The Denver area was struck by five tornadoes today, thanks to a massive supercell thunderstorm. The town of Aurora, CO was tormented by three twisters within a half-hour period, while two tornadoes touched down in nearby areas. The wacky weather also brought lots of hail, and caused Denver to remain under a tornado watch until 8 pm local time. Additionally, …

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Extreme Weather – Is Arctic Warming To Blame?

The winter of 2013-14 will go down in the history books as one of the most frigid cold and snowy winters in decades. Records have been broken all over the country, record cold and snowfall levels. But what is really strange is that one of the coldest places on earth, Alaska, has seen record warmth, while in the south, states …

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Snowstorm Pounding Midwest, Moving East

Although it is winter and snow and cold weather is to be expected, the storms that are hitting the country are anything but normal. Record cold temps, record snowfall, as well as severe travel complications make this winter, a season that millions of people will be happy to see come to an end. The most recent storm that hit the …

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Polar Vortex Sends Extremely Frigid Temps To U.S.

With the biggest part of the country buried in snow from the latest winter storm, sadly, the worst is yet to come, with cold winter blasts that will break records and bring dangerously low temps. Meteorologists are calling it the “Polar Vortex” and it is due to hit the nation on Sunday, bringing cold air that has “piled up” at …

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