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Tumbleweed Storm Threatens Drought-Stricken Colorado

Tumbleweeds are on the roll, literally, where in the plains of Colorado, they’re blocking rural roads and irrigation canals and briefly barricading homes and even an elementary school, according the Associated Press. It’s all brought on by “moderate to exceptional” drought conditions, the classification according to the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. According to that organization, 61 percent of the …

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Lake Mead Drying Up, Las Vegas Could Be At Risk

If you were to take a boat and start floating across Lake Mead, you might notice that some parts of the surrounding rocks were considerably whiter than others. The horizontal ivory colored rock face might even seem pretty until you realize what they represent—Water that isn’t there anymore. Lake Mead is shrinking. This isn’t just any lake that’s getting smaller: …

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California Drought – The Looming Water Problem

California has seen its share of drought, anyone who is a long-time resident can attest to water rationing and restrictions – and it appears it might be dealing with water shortages again in 2014. Although winter is a strange time of year to announce a drought – with three-fourths of the country under ice and snow, but California has not …

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