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Sub Boss Faked Death, Says U.S. Navy
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One month ago, U.S. Navy Commander Michael Ward II was assigned to administrative duties while Navy officials investigated whether or not Ward had faked his own death. This week, a Navy report has surfaced that indicates Ward did indeed send …

Navy Cmdr. Michael Ward II Faked Death to End Affair
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A submarine commander in the U.S. Navy is in danger of losing his position after allegedly faking his own death in an effort to end an affair. Navy Commander Michael Ward II has been assigned to administrative duties, according to …

Men Involved In Extra-Marital Sexual Affairs Likely To Suffer Heart Attack
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For those that have seen the movie Dave, do you remember the part of the movie’s plot where the President (who is cheating on his wife) suffers a coma after sex? Well, this kind of scenario is starting to become …