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Firefox Gets Blogging Extension

Nick Wilson and Jed Brown at Performancing built a Firefox extension that launches a blog entry editor and publishes to Blogger, Moveable Type, or WordPress from within the browser.

Google Launches Blog Comments Firefox Extension

Google has launched a new Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension that shows surfers what bloggers are saying about any page they’re viewing in their browser.

Firefox Extension Could Wreck MSN AdCenter

A dedicated development community has helped the Firefox web browser gain market share; the ability to enhance its usefulness with third-party extensions could be disastrous for Microsoft’s pending debut of AdCenter.

Resizable Textarea Extension for Firefox 1.5

The Resizable Textarea extension for Firefox has been incredibly useful for blogs and on-line forms (as well as forums).

Firefox Gets SEO Extension

The beauty of open source software is the seemingly limitless options that pop up. For search engine marketers only, a new extension for the Firefox browser has been developed that lets users browse search engine statistics with a simple mouse over.

VoIP Gets 911 Extension From FCC

Providers like Vonage that have over 90 percent of their customers notified of 911 limitations won’t have to disconnect customers.

You’ve Seen GMail, Now Meet YMail

Word has it that the next version of Yahoo Mail is due any day as a limited public beta…

Youll Go Blind!

Do you suffer from GAD (Google Adsense Disorder), where you have to check the rolling dollars on your AdSense account every 5 stinking minutes? Can’t wait to see that number flip from 14 cents to 17 cents? Allen G. Hollman may have saved your obsessive vision by open sourcing Adsense Notifier for Firefox.

How About Some Alternate Background Colors For Google’s SERPs?

Are any of you tired of looking at the plain white background offered by Google’s and everyone else’s SERPs? Would you like some color variety in daily searches…?

Apple Poisons Podcast RSS Extension

After being widely hailed for taking the concept of podcasting mainstream, Apple may be implementing proprietary definitions for podcast formats.

Customize Google And Gmail
· 1

Add Google Suggest to the Google homepage; Remove Ads from Google; Auto-save emails in Gmail, while you type; Gmail delete button, to easily delete messages; Make all “mailto:” links point to Gmail…

Google Up A Card Trick

Check out Bondoogle, a card trick performed using Google. The trick works like so: Have the person pick a card, try to guess the card, and get it wrong.

Google Translation On-the-Fly

Most people are familiar with Google Translate, which will allow you to translate any text you key or paste, or a URL you supply, from one major language to another.

How to Manage Your Extension through Dreamweaver MX

The latest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver MX works with a standalone program that is a wonderful assistant in managing your file extension

New Firefox Adsense Notifier

If you are a Firefox user and run Adsense ads on your site you’ll probably want to try out the new …

PETCO Files For Deadline Extension on Form 10-K

PETCO Animal Supplies announced that it is filing a Form 12b-25 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a 15-day extension-filing deadline for its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended January 29, 2005.

SAP’s Safe Passage Extension to Over 6,500 Companies

SAP unveiled the second wave of its Safe Passage Program of SAP applications, technology and maintenance service alternatives by extending the offer to more than 6,500 companies…

Krispy Kreme Gets Another Extension on Filing Deadline

Krispy Kreme recieved an extension on the date on which an event of default would occur by reason of its failure to deliver financial statements for the quarter ended October 31, 2004.

Hello Google Desktop Search, Goodbye Yahoo Desktop Search

Finally there’s a desktop search product that’s actually useful to me: Google Desktop. I had tried the previous version of GDS a bit …

Starbucks Files For Extension on Form 10-Q

Starbucks is filing with the SEC for a five-day extension of the filing date for its first quarter fiscal 2005 Form 10-Q.

First Virtual Communications Denied Request for Extension to Meet NADAQ Listing Requirements

First Virtual Communications, today announced that on August 24, 2004 the Company was notified that its request for an extension to comply with Nasdaq’s listing requirements had been denied.