Microsoft Puts Out New Version of Silverlight

Microsoft Puts Out New Version of Silverlight

By Chris Crum July 15, 2009 | 5 Comments

Microsoft has launched Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 today. Silverlight is a browser plug-in that enables companies to design, develop, and deliver web apps. Expression is a set of design tools and technologies.

The new Silverlight release in particular is big news. Over 1/3 of Internet devices have installed version 2 since its launch less than nine months ago.

Microsoft also announced that MGM and NBC Sports are using Silverlight for different forthcoming video efforts.

Microsoft Is The Worlds Greatest SEO

If you’ve been watching http://blogs.msdn.com/ which is where most of the Microsoft employees blog, you’ve seen at least a dozen mentions today of Microsoft’s new “Blend.” I only let one of these through to my Link Blog, but I was just realizing how brilliant this is.

ASP.NET: Is it too Difficult?
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There is no doubt in my mind, that ASP.NET is the most powerful and versatile platform for web applications at the moment.

MySQL’s Regular Expression Support

Many months ago I reviewed Ben’s MySQL Crash Course, an excellent book that discusses MySQL at a very high, quick to read level.

Microsoft ships beta of Web site builder (Expression)

Do you remember Microsoft FrontPage?

Introduction To Regular Expressions In PHP

In Linux and Unix, the syntax that is commonly used by many applications for specifying text patterns is known as regular expressions or in short form – regex.

Microsoft Releases CTPs Of Web Developer Tools

Two new preview versions have been released of Microsoft’s upcoming Expression line of software for designers. These community technology previews (CTPs) of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer follow on the heels of the first preview of Expression Web Designer.

Expression Web Designer Released In CTP Form

Microsoft’s Expression Web Designer product, which had also gone under the code name of “Quartz,” was just released in preview form. Expression Web Designer companion products have already been made available as Community Technology Preview releases, but this one program was withheld.

Expression Engine has OPML. Ho Hum.

Dave Winer, who is just about single-handedly pushing OPML into mainstream consciousness, likes the fact that Rick Ellis has added OPML support to Expression Engine, and points to Ellis’s use of the outlining language on his blog.

Microsoft Expression Could Sparkle For Developers

The company’s purchase of vector graphic design tool Expression gets a big debut at PDC 2005.

Trackback Spam Out of Control

My friend Charles Pizzo sent me a text message to let me know he was trying to trackback from his blog to mine, but it wasn’t working.

“We Are Pleased…” An Overused Press Release Expression

How sick are you of the press release expression “We are pleased..” It’s been a staple of every press release quote since the PR classic “Man Discovers Fire, Unga Bunga” and even my personal favorite, “Meteor Kills Dinosaurs.”

There Must Be a Better Way To Deal With Comment Spam

During the past week, I’ve had a trickle of comment spam on my blog. Nothing that I’m overly concerned with (not yet, anyway) …

Creating Your First JSP

Now that you have a general idea of how JSPs are coded, you’re ready to learn some specific skills for creating a JSP. To start, you need to know more about coding scriptlets and expressions.

The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions

A Vision

The job given me by the Almighty Programmer was gatekeeper. The clouds parted below me and I could see a long sinewy line of expressions marching toward me in single file. Some looked like dates, others like digits and some (to be honest) looked like gibberish. One by one, they would try to get past me but I know no fear – for I am the RegularExpressionValidator.