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Expo Gets PayPal, More Features

Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s community classifieds system, has added some new features.

Neville Hobson Speaking at Upcoming Events

We’re well into the summer now, halfway through the really quiet period when most of Europe goes on holiday. At least the weather’s fantastic, in all senses of that word.

Microsoft Officially Opens Expo

The company set up the Expo.org domain to make it easier to remember, and implemented some feature tweaks and updates to the site.

Topix Debuts Classifieds Service

Within the local news search at Topix.net, visitors will see local classified ads on the right side of the page and an invitation to post a free ad themselves.

Microsoft Taking Classifieds To China
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Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s answer to Craigslist and Google Base, will be launched in China and five other countries before the end of 2006.

VoIP Choices Ringing Off The Hook

Skype, Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, Lycos, all of those companies have or will have options for doing phone calls from the computer; at stake is the biggest prize of all – keeping a person using a given provider’s other services.

About.com Goes Cable TV

Signaling the continuing convergence of television, Internet, and Web 2.0, About.com just inked an agreement with consumer product review network Expo TV. The agreement moves About.com informational consumer videos, previously only available online, to Expo TV’s television and broadband network.

MSN Spaces Adds Windows Live Expo Content

MSN Spaces has added a Windows Live Expo module, so people can list their Expo items on their Space.

Live Expo Nudges Craigslist, Papers

A public beta test of Microsoft’s social listing service, Expo Live, debuted online today to stake out the company’s claim on the classifieds market.

Microsoft Opens Up Windows Live Expo

Windows Live Expo (previously code-named Fremont) has opened for business, and since BetaNews is talking about, that means I don’t need to worry about my NDA (much) anymore on this one.

Microsoft Fremont Becomes An Expo

Fans of classifieds sites can breathe easier, as Microsoft plans to unveil its Windows Live Expo to beta testers in the coming months.

Live Podcasts at Portable Media Expo

I was searching Google and Technorati looking for podcasts that were live or recorded at the Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.

Podcast Expo Opens Today

The Portable Media Expo opens in Ontario, CA, today with a sizable attendance and a slew of significant tech names giving keynotes and hosting panels.

Jobs Won’t Fill French Keynote Slot

At France’s Apple Expo later in September, attendees will not see Apple’s CEO deliver a keynote address.

SES Scandal

Yes, I saw the girls and yes, I’ve seen the uproar about the indecency. I wasn’t going to mention it, but Kim Krause gives some thoughful comments.

New Apple Products Cause Site Slowdown

Yesterday, Apple announced the release of a number of new products to their line of computers and media players. The introduction of these items has caused an increase in traffic that has caused their site to experience slowdowns.

Apple Getting A Bit Saucy

Apple, over the years, has enjoyed better press than probably any other company on the planet. Well, that hasn’t stopped Apple from going on the attack when it feels stung.

Jobs to Deliver Keynote Address for Macworld Conference & Expo

Steve Jobs will deliver the opening keynote address for Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005 on Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 9:00 a.m.