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Web 2.0 and Web2Open

People felt left out of Web 2.0 in past events because of the cost of attending such a high-powered professionally produced program.  Similar to how some people felt left out from FooCamp by not being invited, but channeled their energies positively to create Barcamp with an open door principle.

Web 2.0 Expo: Starting Up 2.0

My first session here at Web 2.0 Expo is “Starting Up 2.0: Strategies for Pitching, Financing & Growing Your Web 2.0 Startup” with Jeff Clavier of SoftTechVC and Rob Hayes of First Round Capital.

Web 2.0 Expo Preview

The expo is at the Moscone West in San Francisco from April 15 – 18. Whatever your definition of Web 2.0 is, looking at some of the high profile exhibitors from Adobe and AOL to Zoho and everyone else in between, It is worth taking note of. The expo is co-sponsored by O’Reilly Media and CMP Technololgy.

Live Search Gadgetizes Vista

A couple of new Live Search gadgets designed for the Vista Sidebar add out of the browser search and traffic results to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Videopinion: Yahoo Exposes Itself Sundancing

Well, that’s a better title than “Sunning Your Yahoo At the Dance” right? On to business. Yahoo is adding two new channels to its video platform: the Sundance Channel for the latest outrage over creepy Dakota Fanning scenes; and Expo TV, a consumer-generated product review channel featuring “videopinions.”

CES – Sands Expo Center Snapshots

CES continued to overload the senses forcing me to allocate my budget in 2007 to buy half of everything I saw once everything hits the market.

The Influence of Unix on NT

For several years now I’ve been looking for something Bill Gates said. Unfortunately I had misremembered the actual words, and every time I found someone who thought they remembered it, they had the wrong words too and I’d come up dry yet again.

SES: Late Night With Danny Sullivan

The evening keynote at SES Chicago by the person most readily identified with the conference series, Danny Sullivan, looked at the future of search. WebProNews’ Chris Richardson frantically typed notes while a balky laptop battery ticked down to zero.

Sullivan’s New Conference: Search Marketing Expo

At SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan had a pleasant surprise for the audience.

More Expos Giving Bloggers Credentials

I hear that CES this year is going to sign up bloggers as press for the first time.

Rocketbooming New Monetization Strategies

The most important takeaways from Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron’s keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo are that content providers should not only focus on a niche, but should also be audience-centric in their approach to content delivery and monetization.

Ron Moore On Podcasting And Battlestar Galactica

The ballroom was standing room only at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, the crowd was electric waiting to hear from two of their idols; first TWiT host Leo Laporte, and topped off with the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore, who would speak of being called a “podcasting pioneer,” how it started and why he loves it.

The Unkeynote from the Podcasting Expo

It was my first time doing an “unkeynote.”

Tales Of A Ninth-Grade Executive

Robert Trencheny, the president and CEO of the Teen Podcasters Network, is the dutiful custodian of a startup company he acquired from a friend of his from his junior high days. Only he doesn’t go by Robert, he goes by Robbie, and the junior high friend is still in junior high. Robbie is only 14 years old.

Scoble In The Blogger’s Lounge

Getting to Robert Scoble is like trying reach something that fell behind the refrigerator; he’s right there, you can see him, but people-shaped obstacles are preventing you from really being in the room with him.

Rocketboom’s Ad Policy Returns Power To People

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame may have sealed his position as an advertising visionary. His approach, detailed during a keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, had everyone buzzing. A $20,000 discount for likeable commercials? Disney should shoot for an audience of 10,000?

Crunching Numbers Doesnt Interest Podcasters

“This is really the holy grail,” said Patrice Curtis, of Curtis Research Group to a nearly empty room at the Podcast Metrics session of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. “Everyone should be in this room.” Maybe everyone was at the Turning Passion Into Profits, or Marketing’s New Change-Agent.

Podcast and Portable Media Expo Day 1

The first day of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, Calif., kicks off today with an all-star lineup of speakers and experts on the new media form of podcasting. WebProNews made the 2,100-mile trek to glean all we can from this emergent medium.

Internet Advertising Spend Booms Again

The first half of 2006 was a record-breaker in terms of online advertising money, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Live Expo Finds Jobs With CareerBuilder

The Windows Live Expo team added several features to the site in recent weeks, including job listings from CareerBuilder.com.

Live Expo Offers Users New Advertising Options

Microsoft and AdMission have announced a development that may greatly benefit advertisers who use Windows Live Expo’s free classifieds. This “customized version of AdMission Spotlight” will allow users to “opt in and purchase an upgraded listing.” In effect, regular people will get to advertise through banner ads.