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Oracle Says It’s Making Progress On Java Security

Java became somewhat of a punching bag in the security researcher community earlier this year after numerous vulnerabilities were found in the software. After what must have been an embarrassing few months, Oracle announced in June that it would make Java security a priority going forward. So, how’s that working out for them? InfoWorld reports that Oracle officials spoke on …

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Oracle Will Make Java Security A Priority Going Forward

To say Java is vulnerable to exploits would be the understatement of the year. In the first two months of 2013, the software was hit with three zero-day exploits. Oracle eventually fixed all of these exploits, but Oracle should have worked harder to make it more secure in the first place. In a better late than never move, the software …

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Yet Another Java Exploit Discovered

It’s been quite a hard month for Oracle’s Java. First, back in late August the Java browser plug-in was found to be vulnerable to an exploit that could make all PCs using browsers with the Java plug-in installed open to malware by visiting a malicious website. Thankfully, Oracle didn’t wait for its October patch to fix the issue, and released …

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Oracle Knew About Java Exploits Since April

We brought you news on Monday that hackers were using two big zero-day exploits in Java to install malware on victims’ PCs. Due to Oracle’s tiered update process, we won’t see a potential fix until October. As it turns out, they may not have been zero-day exploits at all. In fact, Oracle may have known about the current exploits for …

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