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Whale Carcass Feared Ready to Explode

Residents of Trout River in Newfoundland, Canada fear that a blue whale carcass that washed ashore last week may be ready to explode. The stinky, 82-foot-long cetacean has been expanding due to a buildup of various gasses, and might go by the way of a putrefied sperm whale that exploded in the Faroe Islands last November. Emily Butler, Trout River …

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Redditor Claims Samsung Galaxy S3 Exploded Overnight, Posts Pictures

One redditor had a pretty interesting night over the weekend, as they awoke to their Samsung Galaxy S3 on fire – and they have the pictures to prove it. According to the account, the device was stock everything – battery, charger, etc. Here’s the story, as recounted by redditor vizionx1208: Last night at about 3:15am EST (about 1 hour after …

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