Knol: Google Coins A New Word

Knol: Google Coins A New Word

By WebProNews Staff December 14, 2007 | 1 Comment

Most of the techie blogosphere can tell you a knol is a unit of knowledge, now that Google has informed us it is so.

JPEG May Standardize Microsoft’s HD Photo Format
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The Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) said they would consider Microsoft’s HD Photo file format, tentatively titled JPEG XR, for open standard status. If standardized, Microsoft says the new format will usher in the next generation of digital imaging.

Air Force Expert Accepts Google Earth Threat

If there’s any one “type” of person you can count on to be practical, it’s a military man (or woman).  And while Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula of the U.S. Air Force has admitted that some mapping software has created “huge” security problems, he also acknowledged that there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Eye Tracking Expert Takes On Google-Baidu Rivalry

Google’s not doing too well in China, and a variety of reasons have been given to explain this poor performance.  But fact is better than conjecture, and eye tracking is a preferred (and interesting) way of obtaining insight into these matters.  So Enquiro’s Gord Hotchkiss conducted a Google vs. Baidu study.

Baidu Rivalry
Baidu Rivalry
Open Source Expert: Google Not A Team Player

Google makes rare books available for free, protects the environment, and gives grants to many non-profit organizations.  But in at least one respect, the company may not be so generous; General Public License (GPL) author Eben Moglen feels Google should contribute more to the open source community.

Expert Link Builders Tell All

I know you have plenty to read already, but…

Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae asked several well known link builders to do a group interview on link development.  See Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview. The results are surprisingly candid and varied, yet share a common thread. 

Worthless Expert Interviews

Have you ever set aside time to interview an expert for a project, only to realize that the person you are speaking with knows absolutely nothing?

I was recently on a call with one of my clients for a white paper project.

An outside “expert” was brought onto the call.

I began asking my questions.

How Social Media and Search Redefine Expert / Guru

Search marketing & social media have forever re-defined the way we find, qualify and think about expert and guru. Anyone with a website or online presence can put the word expert or guru next to their name, publish an article on whatever they want and market it to the world.

When online users vote for the article on the social media sites, other bloggers link to this article, and generally the ideas are either embraced or refuted. The article may then end up ranking for the key terms associated with his or her profession. The word without reference has lost meaning and the way a real expert or guru is viewed online has to do with if the online community has embraced them or not, or whether they can market to an audience and then perform or verify what they said /claim is actually true.

Interviewing Kris Jones and Lee Dodd

I am doing a series of post’s over at Blog.lunarpages.com about elite retreat speakers and how attendee’s will be able to take real world applications to problems they encounter while doing business online and apply them in today’s market place.

Yahoo Appoints New Data Mining Expert

Doctor Raghu Ramakrishnan will leave the land of badgers and Big Ten football for the opportunity to serve as a research fellow in Yahoo! Research.

Google Click Fraud Report In Court
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As part of the Lane’s Gifts v Google settlement, an independent expert reviewed Google’s click fraud processes and practices.

Building Links At PubCon
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WebProNews’ Mike McDonald overcomes his arachnophobia long enough to send along some notes from WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Boston from the Link Building Clinic.

5 Lessons in Expertise – A Blogger’s Evolution

I always wanted to be an expert in something. After six years of college and two degrees, I thought I was a political expert.

IE 7 Getting Some Props From Security Expert

Security expert Bruce Schneier is liking IE 7.

Blogger Editorial Calendar is Here

If you are like most bloggers, you often discover that finding time to blog can be an issue.

Did You Get Your Google Analytics Invitation Code?

Google Analytics expert, and good friend, Tim Seward, has launched the Unofficial Google Analytics blog.