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Super Bowl Tickets Hit Record Prices

There are three ways to get to see this year’s Super Bowl: be a player for the Denver Broncos, be a player for the Seattle Seahawks, or make as much money as one of those players. The “cheap seats” as of this writing are going for over $2,400 on StubHub (that’ll get you into the upper end zone, where you …

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Pink Star Diamond Sells For $83 Million

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the giant, glimmering beauty pictured above found its way to a masculine friend today when it was sold for 76.3 million Swiss francs, which converts to a little over $83 Million US dollars. The diamond, dubbed the “Pink Star” diamond, was sold at the Sotheby’s semi-annualjewellery sale in Geneva, where it was by …

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Smartphone Apps That Can Shrink Your Wallet

Convenience is the host and we are the parasites that feed from it. With the growing technology of today’s world, mobile apps have emerged to the forefront of society giving us the ability to access, learn and do things faster, sometimes, than the actual internet. With everything from a T-pain autotune app to apps with which you can create your …

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