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This Robot Exoskeleton Brings To Mind A Different James Cameron Movie

When we think about robots, we often think about the Terminator films (especially the first two), and with good reason considering some of the terrifying models we’ve seen in recent years. This robotic exoskeleton, however, brings to mind the famous end battle of James Cameron’s Aliens film. More cool (and nightmare-inducing) robots here.

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Army To Unveil Exoskeleton For Soldiers

In something straight out of scifi we get the news that the Lockheed Martin and Ekso Bionics are getting close to deploying their Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) hydraulic exoskeleton for testing on the front line. The exoskeleton, which has been in development since 2000, is a backpack with hydraulics along the legs of the soldier, would give them the …

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