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ESA Names ExoMars Lander ‘Schiaparelli’

The European Space Agency (ESA) today announced that the landing module for its 2016 ExoMars mission has been officially named “Schiaparelli.” The name refers to 19th century astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli. Schiaparelli is best known for describing the surface features of the planet Mars. He was also the first astronomer to determine the relationship between comet debris and yearly meteor showers. …

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ESA Rover Makes Tracks in the Desert

Last week, the European Space Agency (ESA) detailed a project to test its mission capabilities for the 2018 ExoMars project. ExoMars will be putting yet another rover on the surface of Mars, and the agency this week is testing prototypes of both the rover and some instruments to be used in the mission. Today the ESA announced that the Sample …

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ESA Mars Rover Being Tested in Chilean Desert

While NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has gotten most of the headlines this past year, but a European-led rover mission will be placing another rover on the red planet within the decade. The ExoMars project (which NASA dropped out of due to budget constraints) will launch a rover bound for Mars in 2018 to search for signs of past life on …

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