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Facebook Co-Founder Responds to Allegations of a Scam

As you may recall Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has been getting a lot of grief over his decision to renounce his United States citizenship and live in Singapore. Most of the concern revolved around him escaping high income taxes that would be owed on his 4% share of Facebook, which is set to go public tomorrow. Earlier today senator Charles …

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Senator Responds to Saverin’s Tax Scheme

We’ve been following Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and his exit from the United States involving him renouncing his US citizenship. According to representatives speaking on Saverin’s behalf, his decision to leave the US has nothing to do with avoiding taxes, but rather to do with freedom to live and invest where he sees fit. Apparently we were not the only …

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Saverin May Never See the United States Again

You might remember we’ve been reporting on Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s exit from the United States. He has renounced his United States citizenship and moved to live in Singapore. According to a representative of Saverin’s, the decision has nothing to do with escaping sizable IRS bills attributed to his 4% share in Facebook. When Saverin’s request goes through to officially …

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