More Than Half Of Executives Under 40 Say They Use Twitter Daily

More Than Half Of Executives Under 40 Say They Use Twitter Daily

By Andy Beal June 22, 2009

Forbes and Google have released a new report called The Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information.

It’s a fascinating read–mostly because it highlights the difference in internet habits of C-level executives,  based on their age. Why is this important? Because those executives that are under 40 will likely, in the next 5-10 years, be the ones taking over the CEO role.

UK Very Attuned to Social Networks
The UK has the most social networkers in Europe, with almost a fifth of all internet users regularly visiting sites like Bebo, Hi5, Facebook and MySpace.

Microsoft CIO Fired

Stuart Scott received very abrupt walking papers from Microsoft, losing his position as corporate vice-president and chief information officer.

Engagement without Measuring Makes Little Sense
BrandRepublic reports on a new survey from Jupiter Research that looks at social marketing in Europe.

The survey found that more than 50% of online advertisers in Europe have run advertising campaigns that encourage user interaction and two thirds will do so in the next 12 months.

Demise Of Xohm? Perhaps Not

The $5 billion price tag to create Sprint’s WiMAX service, Xohm, looked like a deal-killer when the former CEO was forced out. A spark of life exists.

Yahoo Sheds Another Executive

This time a change in the corner office ranks at Yahoo comes from Europe, where their managing director of search will bolt in favor of becoming a consultant.

Google CFO George Reyes Announces Retirement
SES – Lee’s Day 3 Wrap Up
Another great day is how I’d characterize day three of the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference.

Yahoo Executive Wins Innovation Award

Yahoo’s got some pretty bright people in its employ, and one of them – Dr. Usama Fayyad – has just been awarded the 2007 Innovation Award by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).  And yes, that’s the same ACM that gives the Turing Award.

Google Exec Helps ID Shooter

Google executive Chris Saaca just helped identify a shooter. The shooting happened right outside his San Francisco apartment. I had dinner with Chris a few weeks ago and he told me about seeing the aftermath of a pedestrian getting hit (not a story I wish to repeat, it wasn’t pretty). Darn a lot happens outside Chris’ window!

Another Yahoo Exec Hits ‘Eject’

Pamela Thompson Johnston becomes the latest Yahoo executive to leave the portal company in recent months.

Ask Ads Attack Algorithm Apathy
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People will see a nine-figure advertising campaign emerge from IAC as they spend $100 million of Barry Diller’s money to try and make Ask.com a search habit on the Internet

Windows Live Search Executive Dane Glasgow Leaves
Dane Glasgow, general manager for Windows Live Search, is leaving the company to work for various nonprofits and spend more time with his family, according to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley. Only last month did, Christopher Payne, VP of Windows Live Search, leave to start his own company.

Sales Challenges that Prevent Executive Level Access

With the complexity of today’s business solutions and their far-reaching affects, more often than not senior level executives are actively involved in the process of assessing the issues and their options.

Interim Executive Consultancy – How It’s Viewed

Many organisations face a dilemma in business strategy.

Interim Management: Increasingly Delivering Strategic Change

With a requirement for greater delivery in ever shorter timescales, under increased shareholder pressure and the continual impact of new technology, the life of the Chief Executive isn’t an easy one.

Google Swipes NBC Executive

Because in California, there is no such thing as a noncompete clause. Reports began flying last night that Google plucked NBC Universal general manager of strategic ventures Michael Steib to head up a to-be-created online video unit.