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Google Flexes Robots Exclusion Protocol

Two new features added to the protocol will help webmasters govern when an item should stop showing up in Google’s web search, as well as providing some control over the indexing of other data types.

Optimizing for Accidental Clicks
I haven’t been to HotorNot.com for a long time, since the site first started and got a whole load of attention while I was at uni. I have read a couple of articles of late about how they have been forced to adapt to survive, so I thought I would take a look around the site.

Google To Share Content Partners

Big news today is that Google are planning on openly listing content sites where adverts display for Adwords advertisers. I have criticised Google about this in the past, so its great news to hear that they will finally be introducing more transparency in their ppc network.

Google On Robots Exclusion Protocol

A post on official Google blog informs about Robots Exclusion Protocol. Sometime back we informed you about a previous post on Robots.txt file.

Disabling Google and Other Search Engines From Crawling a Site
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Reader question: I have a online database of horror movies, and I have a good Google rank. In my traffic logs I noted the last month a really growing of the bandwidth: one of the most important browsers of the server logs is Googlebot, so this traffic was generated for the spidering engine of Google. I have the 20 Gb bandwidth limit and I don’t want to pay for excess, so I disable Google into my Web site. My question is: