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118 218 Embraces Exalead
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First things first: 118 218 is a French directory assistance number.  It’s provided by Le Numero, which can be traced to INFONXX, but that’s all secondary.  What’s interesting is that 118 218 searches are now powered by Exalead.

SES Paris: Exalead CEO Critical of Google

Andy Atkins-Krger is covering the Search Engine Strategies conference in Paris this week and today quotes Francois Bourdoncle, CEO and founder of France-based search engine Exalead in the opening keynote of Search Engine Strategies Paris as saying . “We’re all helping to create the Google monster” and calls the major search engines the “Walmarts of the digital world.”

Cool New Search Engine

Wow, check out this search engine: Exalead. Gary Price sent that one over to me. It’s not perfect, but the UI shows that a lot more can be done than the big three have done with search.

New Search Engine from Enterprise Software Company

After focusing on the Enterprise market with its Exalead Corporate product range, Exalead is now announcing an Internet search engine that provides a whole new search experience.