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Newtown Shooting Report Reveals Shocking Details

The final reports are in from the Newtown shooting from police – where Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary School, and before killing 20 children and six adults with a semi-automatic rifle, he shot dead his own mother at the family home before turning the gun on himself, and committing suicide. The report defines Adam Lanza 20, is said …

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Bigfoot Gets Caught on Camera Again

Well, it looks like old Bigfoot is at it again, walking around and parading himself like some animal. In case you don’t know who Bigfoot is, he’s a big bi-pedal hairy ape-like creature made famous by a short video filmed by Robert Gimlin and Roger Patterson back in October 20th, 1967. Bigfoot also goes by the name “Yeti”, or “Sasquatch”, …

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SOD: Secret DEA Unit Conceals Criminal Case Evidence

A Reuters exclusive published this morning details a startling discovery about the criminal case procedures of the Drug Enforcement Administration: documents obtained by the news organization reveal that agents of the DEA have been trained to “recreate” the trail of evidence for the purpose of concealing the original source of information. Some experts, like Nancy Gertner of the Harvard Law …

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