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Man Found with 850 Snakes in His Home

A Long Island animal control officer was found keeping about 850 snakes in his home on Thursday, two of which were 6-foot Burmese pythons – all part of an illegal reptile sales operation. The snakes were all housed in the two garages of Richard Parinello, 44, of Shirley, New York. The Burmese pythons, which can grow to 30 feet long, …

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Missing Family Found in Florida’s Everglades

Covering thousands of square miles in Southern Florida with wetland sawgrass and trees, the Everglades are not a particularly welcoming environment to become lost in. One Ohio family found this out the hard way this week when they became lost while airboating. According to a report from CBS Miami, Scott Schreck and his family took a camouflaged airboat through the …

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