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Wal-Mart Stores Exile Everex gPC
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Price-wise, we think a $200 PC is hard to beat.  Wal-Mart (and/or the store’s customers) apparently found fault with something, however, as the company has decided to dedicate its shelf space to something else.

Wal-Mart To Carry Everex Cloudbook

Out of the range of Google-related rumors – new data centers, an operating system, world domination – one that hasn’t been mentioned in a while is the Google PC.  That hardly matters, though, because Everex has stepped in with another stand-in: the $399 Cloudbook.

Microsoft Readying $300 Million For New Ads

Something is in Microsoft’s sights, and whatever it is will have to fend off a new nine-figure advertising campaign the company has ready to spend.

Forrester Sees Desktop Linux Scaring Microsoft

A lackluster reception for Windows Vista in the enterprise and some hard work by Linux vendors could be the harbinger of greater Linux adoption on desktops.

Wal-Mart’s Little Linux PC That Could

Could what, one might wonder? Unless the Wal-Mart shopping public that bought out the first run of 10,000 Everex, Ubuntu-powered, $199 PCs returns them in droves, maybe it’s time for Microsoft to become concerned.

Google-y PC Turns Heads
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It’s not an official, made-in-Mountain View Google PC.  Not at all.  But the inexpensive Everex TC2502 gPC is about as close to that mythical beast as we’ve yet come.

The $199 Google Computer

If you’ve been waiting for Google to launch its own computer and operating system, that day is here.