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Twitter Talks Revenue & Real-Time Search
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At the All Things Digital Conference, otherwise known as D7, Twitter Co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone talked about possibilities for making money in the future, but once again, did not want to give too many details away.

Williams said the company is working on a form for people to fill out to give them money, so evidently something is in motion. TheStreet.com reports:

Driving Traffic with Twitter
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Reports suggest that social networking is now more popular than email. Twitter in particular grew 33% in only a month according to Compete data.

Twitter Co-Founder Called Upon By White House
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Twitter Co-founder Evan Wiliams has been invited to the White House along with 19 other so-called "young business leaders" (including Chris Sacca formerly of Google) where they will discuss the economic crisis.

Would Twitter Turn to Paid Profiles For Businesses?
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TwitterPeople always want to know how Twitter will make money, and at the Web 2.0 Summit, CEO Evan Williams hinted at the commercial value of the service. But that doesn’t mean advertising exactly. Contentinople quotes Williams:

Twitter Could Have Problems for Months
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Lately, it seems that a high number of Tweets has been causing problems for Twitter, making key features unavailable, and in a post to the Twitter Technology Blog, it was implied that more popular users like say, Robert Scoble, who have a lot of followers are the reason that the service has been failing.