More PageRank Carnage

More PageRank Carnage

By Andy Beard November 16, 2007

I have been receiving emails and comments about yet another PageRank downturn for multiple sites.

Andrew Ooi has compiled a short list of Malaysian sites, many were as much as a PR5 previously, and currently show a PageRank of zero (a white bar)

Examples include:-

Colleen’s Simple Kind of Life and 5xmom

The numbers seem to be stable across multiple data centers

Citrix Survey Gives Insight To VARs

According to the findings of a survey from Citrix Systems, “state and local government Information Technology (IT) executives . . . . identified price, service, and response time as their most important IT purchasing decision criteria.”

Speed Pitches Offers No-Hassle Vendor Evaluation

I’m a guy that likes to “cut to the chase”, if ever we meet and you have an agenda, feel free to hit me with it.

Security Information Management Software Review

I don’t know if you’re familiar with a company called BrightTools or not. They are best known for their ActiveWorx Security Center product.

Which Desktop Search Tool Is The Best?

While the search industry continues to evolve, an area that’s received a great deal of focus has to do with creating a successful desktop search tool. This mentality has led to a proliferation of desktop search (DTS) tools. Because of this, knowing which one is better can be a best-guess/trial-and-error scenario until now.

Business Evaluation Time

With the new year fast approaching, it is time to starting thinking about revised business plans, revised business goals, and past performance levels. I know, can you say, “YUCK!”

Research and Markets Adds Developing the IT Scorecard to Their Offering

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Developing the IT Scorecard to their offering.

Chantry Networks Announces Evaluation Results of BeaconWorks by The Tolly Group

The Tolly Group Awards BeaconWorks “Up-to-Spec” Certification for Voice over Wireless, Scalability, Seamless Multi-Subnet Roaming and QoS; BeaconWorks Delivers 15 Concurrent Toll-Quality Calls on a Single Access Point.

Dell PowerEdge servers Achieve First Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Benchmark
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Dell PowerEdge servers have achieved the first Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 benchmark for a clustered configuration, underscoring Dell’s ongoing commitment to offer the best combination of performance, value and availability for the standardized data center.

Google Algorithm Clues?

In an effort to impress job-seeking scientists with the quality of their intellectual community, Google recently published some of the academic papers written by their search scientists.

Honest Evaluation A Key To Success

While there are many opportunities available on the Internet the Cold Hard Facts are that the majority of online marketers are NOT MAKING ANY MONEY AT ALL!!!

Will You Lead, Follow or Develop Your Board as Your Partner?

Why Conduct Board Evaluations?