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Ford Mustang’s New Design Turning Heads Ford Mustang’s New Design Turning Heads
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Courtesy of Edmonds Inside Line Is this the 2015 Ford Mustang? According to some Ford insiders it is pretty dang close. The near complete redesign is probably going to be released during the Ford Mustang’s 50 year anniversary party in …

Over Half Of Europeans Online

In Europe 54 percent of households had access to the Internet in the first quarter of 2007, up from 49 percent in the first quarter of 2006, and 42 percent had a broadband connection, compared with 30 percent in 2006, according to statistical agency Eurostat.

Young Europeans Love Their Text Messaging

E-marketer delivered a Forester study today that showed that 92% of young mobile users in certain European countries report sending SMS text messages on their phone.

Europeans Choose The Internet Over TV

More than half (57%) of Europeans now regularly go online each week according to the European Interactive Advertising Association.

Europeans Go Online 24 Hours Per Month

An average of 122 million Europeans age 15 or older were online in April compared to 114 million in the U.S. according to comScore World Metrix study.

Europeans Go Online 24 Hours Per Month
“Europeans Go Online 24 Hours Per Month”
Europeans Go Online 24 Hours Per Month
Europeans Want Their Online TV

Europeans like their TV viewing as much as Americans and nearly half are watching television on the Internet, according to a study from Motorola. The days of waiting until primetime to watch favorite shows are going by the wayside as users are taking control of their viewing.

45% Europeans Watch TV on the Web
It’s hard to believe, but according to a Motorola study, discovered by TechCrunch, almost half of broadband users in Europe, watch TV online.

2,500 people were interviewed with 45% saying they were watching some television shows online, with the French leading the way.

UK Online Ad Spending Passes Newspapers

While the average spent on online advertising in the U.S. hovers around 5% of total ad budgets, the U.K. is blazing a trail with 11.4%.

Online advertising grew by more than 41% in 2006, overtaking national newspaper ads (10.7% share) and about half the amount spent on TV ads (which actually dropped 4.7%).

Europeans Buying More Online

Europeans are spending more time online and many are shopping online as well. Since they are spending more time online they are also purchasing more items.

Sony Tries To Stop Europeans From Getting Their PSPs

Sony does not want Europeans to get their hands on the PSP before it is launched this September. In an effort to prevent just this, Sony is suing online gaming retailer Lik-Sang for selling Japanese PSPs to people in Europe.

55 Million Europeans Google

According to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings, over 55 million Europeans use Google as their search engine of choice, giving the search giant another large foothold in a non-American region.