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ACTA Is Officially Dead In Europe

There was much rejoicing in the streets earlier this year when the European Parliament rejected ACTA, a multinational trade agreement that many felt would hurt online innovation in profound ways. There was one sliver of hope for ACTA’s continued existence, however, as the European Commission submitted the treaty to the European Court of Justice for review. Now that last avenue …

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You Will Be Able To Resell Your Steam Games… In Europe

One of the major problems I find myself in after a Steam sale is that I bought a lot of games that I just don’t really want. I partially blame myself, but some of those games have achievements which I can use to win other games. It would be a bit better if I could offload some of those digital …

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ACTA Is Going To Be Passed Whether You Like It Or Not

ACTA is almost dead. The treaty is heading towards the European Parliament next week where many people feel that it will be rejected after four committees rejected it as well. It will also receive a ruling from the European Court of Justice to see if ACTA was ever compatible with European law. It’s looking bad for the treaty that everybody …

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European Court Baffles The World With Vacation Ruling

Next to rain what is the worst thing that could happen to you on vacation? I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree that getting sick is the worst possible thing that can happen to you while on vacation because it is basically time wasted. Well a Spanish union has just sued and won a decision from the European High Court …

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